New York, New York ♥ !!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I think the last time I went to a place that made get the feeling of: "I don't want to go back home", was last year when I went to Europe for the second time. This time was here in the USA. I have never been in New york before and this is actually the first time I travel to another state different than Florida and I absolutely loved it. I kind of knew I would love New York since I'm a lover of big cities but I never imagined I would like it that much..
I went with my boyfriend for a week and we had an amazing time together in this amazing city. The first day we went (of course) to Time Square and I took pictures and more pictures and did a little (?) shopping in Mac and Forever 21.
Since my boyfriend had been in New York before, he acted like my personal guide. He took me to the most known places in New york such as: central station, rockefeller center, world trade center, etc. In the Rockefeller center we went to the lego store and I was impressed with all the figures, cities, and characters made out of legos. We also went to see the statue of liberty (Very little btw) and took a bunch of pictures there.
 The last night in New York we went to central park and then waited for the sunset on top of the Brooklyn bridge. The view was incredible. The sky, the lights, and the bridge itself were perfect together ♥.

New York was absolutely amazing!!! I am looking forward to go back and go to places I couldn't go. I just can't wait. I hope you liked this post and please let me know what  do you think about New York xoxo

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  1. Wow!!! What an amazing trip! I live in the states but still haven't made it to NY!!! I only hear amazing things and these pictures prove how beautiful it is!!!