Thursday, March 28, 2013

1. This picture was taken by my boyfriend in Lyon, France. It was very sunny and we had a good time with his family next to this wonderful lake and nature.

2. Again, this picture was taken by my boyfriend but this time was in Munich, Germany.

3. I took this picture last summer when I went to the lovely city of Paris. I am just obsessed with the Eiffel Tower.

4. This was a street artist showing us his talent next to "Le Louvre" in Paris.

5. Picture taken by my boyfriend in Montpellier, France.

6. This picture was taken by my boyfriend in Lyon and I loved so I decided to post it in my Instagram.

7. DITTO (7) ;)

8. This is the beach of Fort Lauderdale after hurricane Sandy hit it.

9. This is a picture from last summer in Paris. I just fell in love with that dog and had to take a picture with it.

10. Selfie.

11. This happened two weeks ago at UMF (Ultra music Festival) in Miami.

12. Homemade capuccino with whip cream.
13. My friend and I at Ultra, day 1.
14. White Chocolate from France ^^.

15. My boyfriend and I having a nice day at South Beach, Miami.

16. Selfie.

 17. My new camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayyy.

18. My new laptop!!!!!!!!!! double yayyyyyyyyy (I mean number 17 and 18 will make my blog more exciting ^^).

Thank you!!!!!!

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  1. so addicted to instgram!! it's my obsession!! love your images :) <3 <3

  2. aah these pictures are so lovely!
    Would you like to check out my blog too? :)


  3. I have nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog check it out here! Good luck!

  4. Great! love your blog!!!

  5. You are soooo stunning... I cannot get over it..

    Love your selfies, Eiffel Tower, and photos by the boyfriend! ;)

    You live a glamorous life :D

  6. Hey gorgeous!! Lovely blog you have :)

    Hope you have a great day!



  7. Nice pictures :)!
    I really love the skirt you're wearing in Picture 9 :)
    My boyfriend and me are also traveling in the USA and going to Miami soon :) Do you have some advices? :)

    XO, Ronjana <3

    1. hi I am sorry i just saw your comment :(!!! I have been extremely busy and had not time to reply comments. I hope you had an amazing time here in the USA and if you haven't come to miami yet i recommend you South Beach and Brickel!! However wherever you go is nice plus you will have an amazing weather as well :)