Every Picture is a Memory

Monday, January 14, 2013

YES! Christmas is gone and all we have left is memories. Yeah, memories that became lessons and experiences to some of us. For me, one of the best ways to remember and bring back memories is through pictures. I am  addicted to the camera and  I love taking pictures of everything at anytime. I think every moment and every second is unique. We need to enjoy every little thing to the max  and since we only live once (yes the typical "YOLO") and time is running, why not to freeze a moment and make it  forever with a simple picture, huh?

For that reason I decided last Christmas to freeze some of the best moments I had in Disney, Universal Studios, and around Florida. I have to admit that I had one of the best holidays ever. My family came from different countries and my boyfriend was able to spend holidays with me for the first time. I had an amazing winter break and I wanted to share it with you through some of the pictures I took. I hope you enjoy it :)!!

Universal Studios/ Harry Potter Park Theme

In the picture below you guys can see how excited I was with my Butterbeer!!!! lol 

Learning to surf ????.....ummm

Somewhere around Florida...


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  1. Such lovely pics, I really need to go to Disney x